Was Jamal Jimaale Murdered Over Land Grab?


Somaliland lost an inspiring leader. This is video from SLTV archives about Jamal Jimaale during his first visit to his homeland. He was a man with a mission and ambition to better his people and his countrymen.

But the land grab of a greedy merchant colluding with corrupt Somaliland court judges, the police, and a Powerful Interior Minister that cost Jamal his life. We  should not tolerate the killing and maiming of people over their own rightful land.

We lost man who could have been the next Attorney General of Somaliland, or even the President of JSL. We are losing our brightest people because of a parcel of land that he inherited from his father, Ahmed Jimale , former Hargeisa mayor and the first leader of SNM.

Ahmed Jimale  was dissident and the military dictatorship sentenced 4 years in prison. He fled into exile to fight against the Siad Barre’s tyranny.

In Somaliland, a lot of people have been killed or injured because of deadly violence over land grabs. Our judicial system and police are broken and corrupt. The judges and the police are crooks who take bribes from all the litigants. They conspire with land grabbers The trials for the land dispute usually are long, and sometimes take years, to reach a verdict. In fact, I was involved in a land dispute, and I had a horrible experience.

The wheel of justice is usually slow for the victims of murder, rape, and other heinous crimes. Our justice system is not working, and it is failing our people, including the sons and the daughters of the men who fought for our freedom. This is unacceptable.

We should support the victim and his family until the allege perpetrator or perpetrators brought to Justice. Justice delayed is Justice denied.


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