Transport Ministry Bans Vitas from carrying passengers to Somaliland regions



According to a circular from the ministry of transportation has announced that it has banned Toyota Vitas transporting passengers commuting city from city in Somaliland. This was disclosed by the ministry of transport and a report issued by Somaliland’s traffic police department has made clear that Toyota Vitas cars are blamed for the soaring of traffic accidents across the country. It is of high priority for the ministry of transport to ensure the safety of Somaliland roads as far as road accidents are concerned. Most of Vitas drivers are not experienced and are reckless when they hit the road. It is blamed that majority of Vitas drivers do not have driving license so that is why they are part and parcel of the hike of road accidents in Somaliland.

There is a need that there should be regulations that differentiate vehicles that transport passengers against those that carry loads in the country. The ministry has prioritized that it is time to save lives. Vehicles smaller than Toyota Noah are not allowed to commute passengers who are traveling to country’s provinces. Noah vehicles are not allowed to carry more than 7 passengers including the driver himself. Those who will fail to comply with the order will be fined in accordance with the Road Act.


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