Somaliland: President Bihi Fires Deputy Chairwoman of Quality Control Agency



HARGEISA–President Musa Bihi Abdi of Somaliland on Monday has relieved all duties from the Deputy Chairwoman of Quality Control Agency, Ms, Amaal Abdi Hassan.

The President has appointed Hon. Abdiwasac Mohamed Yusuf as the new deputy chairman of SL Quality Control Agency.

At the same time the Head of State has fired with immediate effect the Director General of the Good Governance Commission, Mohamed Aden Hersi.

In his replacement, the president has nominated Mohamoud Ismail Elmi as the new Director General to the Good Governance Commission.

From now on Mr. Abdinasir Ahmed Hersi Mohamed will be the new director general to the environment and rural development ministry.

Eng. Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamoud appointed as the director general of trade, industry and tourism ministry.

Mr. Abdirisak Jama Nur Nakhude has been named as the director general to be in charge of foreign ministry.

Mohamed Yusuf Ismail will be the director general to the ministry of energy and minerals.

Ahmed Abdirisak Dirie has been appointed as the new director general to the SL tender Board authority.

Mohamed Ahmed Hasan alias Jabarti appointed as the Director General of the Civil Aviation and Airport authority.


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