Seven more parties get the nod to contest Somali poll


Somalia’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has granted seven political parties certificates of operation.

IEC chair Halima Ismael Ibrahim alias Halima-yareey, issued the certificates to representatives of the seven parties at a ceremony in Mogadishu on Monday.

The parties Xisbiga Shaqaalaha Soomaaliyeed (The Somali Labour Party), Xisbiga Xorriyadda Soomaaliyeed (The Somali Freedom Party), Xisbiga Muwaadiniinta Soomaaliyeed (The Somali Citizens Party) and Xisbiga Midnimo Qaran (The National Unity Party).

Others are Xisbiga Dalka iyo Dadka (The Country and People Party), Xisbiga Isbeheysiga Isbeddel Doonka Soomaaliyeed (The Somali Association for Change) and Xisbiga Ileys (Ilays Party).

The pipeline

The additional political formations join the 15 others registered in July and earlier this month.

“The new group makes the number of parties certified, after meeting the set criteria, 22,” said Ms Ibrahim.

All the registered parties and those in the pipeline are expected to contest the parliamentary elections envisaged to take place before end of 2020.

The Somali government is being pushed to meet the tough milestone for one-man, one-vote multiparty election, despite facing multiple challenges, including widespread insecurity.

Major clans

For nearly two decades, Somalis have selected representatives to the legislative, employing a Four-Point-Five (4.5) power-sharing formula, in which the four major clans have equal representations, while a coalition of smaller clans get half the representation of a major one.

However, the 4.5 Formula has been contested by the political parties, which consider it incapable of delivering a fair electoral system.

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