On the eve of Somaliand 18 May celebrations in London



SSUK and the Somaliland Mission UK as well as the Somaliland National TV U.K. will run an event ( AFUR ) on the evening of the 17th of May celebrating the national day of 18 May 2019.

The event will be attended by The Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowment ( Sheikh Khalil A Ahmed ), Sheikh Abdullahi Shk Ali Jowhar, Sheikh Saeed Farah and Sheikh Dalmer who will be addressing participants of the event reminding us the blessing of the holy month of Ramadan and how graced and well-endowed are Somaliland and the people of Somaliland.
The event will be held at 447 Lady Margaret Road, Southall, UB1 2QB from 6pm to 1am.
You are cordially invited to attend the event from which we may attain Taqwa.

Contact London

07402 611760. Nuura
+44 7804 613077 Mahamoud
07931 821364 Yurub Qalib
07387 157267. Roda
07956 779616 Ugaas Haroun
07454926029 Zeinab Omar
Milton Keynes
Roda Ali
07903 124426
Djama Sougouleh
+44 7477 643251
Kayse Baache Doualeh
07731 707671
Eng Siyaad Tukaale Riraash
Cardiff Amina Aw Jaamac07930 848066
Sheffield Yassin 07932 668012
Barre Awgaab +44 7985 236102


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