Mr. Farmajo: The Wrong Man to Lead a Nation In Need!!



Mohammed Abdillahi Farmajo is the President of the one of the world’s classic failed state, Somalia. For nearly three decades, Somalia has exemplified the deficiency of statelessness and lawlessness; it failed to meet even the most basic criteria of statehood.

Mr. FARMAJO is nearly 2½ years in power, yet he created more enemies than friends! He behaves as a legitimate president, freely, fairly and democratically elected by his own people! Unfortunately, a double standard world community let him believe in this illusion! Behind his fake nationalism outlook, there lurks a dangerous and toxic agenda. He is responsible for little; he is manipulated and threatened by many, both internally and externally. He is covertly detached from the sense of reality. He is not sensitive to his people’s suffering and nearly three decades ongoing national misery with no end is in sight.


There is no doubt the President of Somalia and the government he leads are their own worst enemies. They are deaf and blind to the gathering storm that sooner or later will ultimately sweep them away. They master the art of making enemies and blunders, and turned millions of ordinary Somalis who have never voted for them into bitter enemies. Instead of respecting and acting in conformity with the national constitution and the directives of the legislature of his own country, the President of Somalia follows and implements the orders and instructions from other foreign powers who rules his country by default.

THIS MAN IS UNPREDICTABLE ON ALL ACCOUNTS! He cannot be trusted. He is more dangerous than any of his predecessors. He denies blindly the ethnic cleansing and immeasurable destruction campaign that was done to the civilian population of Somaliland, by no one else than the former brutal dictatorial regime of Somalia. Above all, ‘the President’ of Somalia does not have the wisdom, sensibility, vision or the political acumen to tackle the complex structural and existential challenges which Somalia is facing at the moment.


The president of Somalia had been given a full mandate and the legislative means to do things better. The fate and future of his people and country has been entrusted to him, however in vain. Strangely enough, he carries out the orders and instructions commissioned by foreign powers that undertake every effort to make sure that this country will never be able to stand on its own feet. The lot in life and prospect of the country and the people of Somalia is currently decided and determined by others and this is what everyone is worrying about.

President Farmajo and his government are those who are supposed to run the country properly but they are neither players nor spectators of the political drama that is taking place right under their eyes. Whenever his government attempts to implement any small-scale policy projects, he is rebuffed and overruled, namely by his foreign bosses.

President Farmajo and his government have no credibility content to save the country and people from a looming sovereignty-threatening situation. MR. FARMAJO IS THE WRONG MAN TO LEAD A NATION DESPERATELY IN NEED FOR PEACE, TRANQUILLITY AND RULE OF LAW!


The President of Somalia (one of the world’s classic failed state) should be very realistic and must accept the inevitable and irreversible reality on the ground: Somaliland’s Independence, Sovereignty and Statehood are SACRED and NON-NEGOTIABLE. The history shall not repeat by itself; THE FATE OF THE UNION IS SEALED OFF FOR GOOD AND FOREVER!

ALLAH blesses and protects the people and country of the Republic of Somaliland, Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr)


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