World Vision Hands Over Agricultural Tools to ministry of agriculture



World Vision Int’l has turned over consignment of farming tools to the ministry of agriculture. The turning over ceremony which was held at the ministry of agriculture building, brought together the minister, Hon. Ahmed Mumin Seed and staffer of the agency. The turning over was conducted in the spirit of the collaboration between World Vision and the ministry of agriculture of Somaliland. Somaliland is battling to tackle with desert locust menace as the government has launched locust spraying exercise in areas that the locust has taken a heavy toll. Presenting the consignment, World Vision said that the tools were mainly intended to support teams in charge of the locust spraying drive in the country. The consignment includes a large number of hoes and shovels. Mobiles that will be used by the teams tasked with the locust spraying drive will use them in order to gather information on the extent of the locust menace. Finally, the minister, Ahmed Mumin Seed has thanked the agency for the generous donation.


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