We have captured Puntland MP Farah leading attacks, says Defense Minister Ateeye




Puntland has always been leading the coalition militia as we always maintained, he adds

The government has noted that the armed force has once again made tangible scores at Las Anod in the latest battles against the invasion perpetrated against the nation of Somaliland.

Both the defense and the interior ministries gave terse statements on the issue on Saturday afternoon.

The Minister of Defense Hon. Abdiqani Mohamoud Ateeye has categorically stated that the charges that Somaliland leveled at Puntland administration of Somalia were not mere whimsical but verifiable fact that has now been vouched for and evidently corroborated.

Hon. Abdiqani said, “As evidence supporting our previous claims that the Puntland state of Somalia is leading the coalition of Las Anod militias, I would like to report that Somaliland army captured Puntland MP Farah leading the attacks”.

The minister’s statement was contained in his tweet which he tagged the assistant secretary of stateAF.

Several times before have the Puntland forces been captured, injured or killed in the battles.

The public relations director at interior Mr. Abdillahi Ahmed Arshe likewise noted that the national armed forces has once again triumphantly manage to repulse yet another attack from the terrorist and allied militia led by Puntland administration of Somalia.

He said that the nation which has always been restraining itself from damaging and harming civilians and their properties hence had been adhering to the unilateral ceasefire it declared, has now been even more cautious in avoiding, controlling or minimizing collateral damages owing to the fact of the sacredness of the holy Month of Ramadan.

Earlier on similar sentiments were equally echoed by the defense department further said that they had captured several armoured vehicle and prisoners of war.

They said that they would give more details in due course


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