Two people dead after their vehicle plummets into floodwater in Huluq Valley

At least two people are presumed dead after their vehicle plummeted into Huluq Valley, west of Hargeisa, on Monday.
Eye witnesses report that the victims were passengers in a Land Cruiser.
“Behind us was a black Land Cruiser that met a terrible fate. We warned them not to proceed, but they ignored our advice, and the car subsequently fell into the valley,” a witness recounted.
The witness added that they attempted to rescue the passengers and the vehicle, but the powerful currents in the valley made it impossible. As of now, the occupants of the vehicle remain missing.
Valleys around Hargeisa and its outskirts claim numerous lives each year during the rainy season. The most recent casualty was Najah, a mother of five, who perished when the car she was in plunged into a valley on March 31.
Najah was a passenger in a Pro Box car that became trapped in the floodwaters of Hargeisa Valley. Bystanders urged the driver not to cross the flooded valley, but the driver persisted, believing he could successfully navigate the waters.


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