The president of Ethiopia’s Somali Region Fires Liyuu Police Chief, appoints gov’t


JIGJIGA– The President of  Ethiopia’s Somali State, Hon. Mustafe Mohamud Omar, has sacked the disgraced paramilitary Liyuu Police Chief, Abdirahman Laba Go’le.

The chief Liyuu Police is accused of commuting crimes against humanity in the Somali region of Ethiopia.

According to a Human Rights Watch report said that the paramilitary Liyuu Police were the ring leaders of the atrocities and human rights violations that transpired in the region once Abdi Iley, the ex-deposed leader was in power.The President has relived the Liyuu police chief from his national duties this afternoon and will be brought before a court of law.

The Regional leader has also appoints ministers and heads of Liyuu police.

  1. Hon. Khadar Jirde has been named as the presidential affairs minister.
  2. Hon. Garaad Dool Omar Hirsi is now the mayor of Jigjiga
  3. Mr. Mohamed Abdi Mawsar has been appointed as the Liyuu Police Chief
  4. Col. Abdikarim is now the deputy Liyuu Police chief.
  5. Col. Mukhtar, Head of Regional spy.
  6. Col. Abdikarim Muse Qalbi Dhagah, Chief of Custodial Corps.
  7. General Mohamed Yare was named as police commissioner
  8. Mr. Mohamed Abdi Guray has been named as deputy police commissioner


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