The Ministry of Justice revokes the license of some public notaries in the country



The Ministry of Justice of Somaliland revoked the licenses of some public notaries operating in the country, on Wednesday 29/11/2023, according to Article 18 of the Notaries Act, Act No: 18/2001.

The Ministry of Justice also ordered that the Notaries hand over all documents and stamps to the regional coordinator of affected areas and the director of the Department of Legal Professionals and Access to Justice as stipulated in Article 7 paragraph 3 of the Notaries Act, Rule No: 18 In 2001.

The ministry declared that it has suspended the licenses of operation Daljir, Hayat, Unity, Jamhuriya, Daldhis, Haqdoon and Ramad public notaries which operate in Marodijeh and Awdal regions.

The directive was signed by the Minister of the Ministry of Justice JSL, Mr. Suleiman Warsame Guled.


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