The commander of the National Armed Forces military bases in Sanaag



The Commander of the National Armed Forces Major General Nuh Ismail Tani, visited the command of the National Forces in Sanaag region and presided over a change of guard in which Col Abdillahi Sufi takes over the duties of the 3rd Division of the National Army from Brig Muse Jama Delef.

The function of the event was held at the headquarters third command of the national army in the Sanaag region at Eerigavo.

Major General Tani urged the officers of the National Army in Sanaag region to redouble their military duties for the nation.

He inspected the various camps of the national forces in Eerigabo, Sanaag region, and listened to briefs from the field officers.

The military sports commander Abdi Fanah explained that Major General Tani had toured the far eastern command to take stock of the servicemen’s situation and chores, and preside over the change of guard at the helm of the 3rd Division.


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