The Central Bank bans the use of gambling programmes in the country


Central Bank Governor Dr. Abdillahi Dahir banned the use of the 1XBET program in the country, and announced that legal action would be taken against those who do not comply.

Press release issued on Wednesday by the Central Bank on the banning of the 1XBET gambling program, it is said to be a predator programme.

The statement of the Central Bank said that in recent times there has been the gambling program in the country fleecing money from the people.

The central bank declared it to be a gambling programme, which is a vice.

It further said that the Ministry of Religion and Endowments issued a decree on February 11, 2023, declaring that 1XBET is a type of gambling program.

It thus warned that as from 15 February 2023 the 1XBET program is prohibited to be used within the country, and the public has been cautiously informed that legal action will be taken against those found using it.


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