Taiwan hands over medical equipment and wheelchairs to Somaliland


Press release by Taiwan Representative Office in Somaliland

Since the Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland was established in August 2020, the “Maternal and Infant Health Care Improvement” and “Health Information Management Efficiency Enhancement” projects play key roles in health cooperation. To further deepen and broaden the “Taiwan Model” cooperation, Taiwan and Somaliland Governments signed the “Medical Cooperation Agreement” for dispatching the Taiwan Medical Mission to Somaliland.

The Taiwan Medical Mission is not only working on capacity-building but also providing medical equipment and items based on Somaliland’s prioritized needs. In response to the Laas Anod conflict and humanitarian needs, Taiwan then accordingly provides trauma kits and other medical equipment as well as wheelchairs for our Somaliland brothers and sisters.

We all agree that peace and stability are the basis for all cooperation. We believe “Peace and Health both can increase human welfare”.  A friend in need is a friend indeed. Sharing makes Taiwan and Somaliland get closer.

Now Taiwan is seeking the World’s support for joining WHA as an observer and meaningful participation in WHO activities. In this regard, we also need Somaliland’s support to prevail in the cause of values. This healthcare cause shouldn’t be politized or weaponized since Taiwan has the will and ability to contribute more to the World. It is anticipated that Somaliland will show the world that “A Democracy is helping a Democracy” together with the major Free World countries. Today Somaliland helps Taiwan, tomorrow the world will help  Somaliland through Taiwan.

“Taiwan can help and Taiwan is helping”. Taiwan will keep deepening “Mutual Benefit for Mutual Assistance” relations with Somaliland and share with the East African countries.


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