Somaliland: Wadani party Opposes the inclusion of new member to the electoral Body



The speaker of Somaliland House of Assembly, Mr. Bashe Mohamed Farah, today has confirmed that the three political parties and the house of elders have submitted the 7 new members of the electoral body. The house speaker in an interview with Somali cable television has also confirmed that Wadani, a national opposition party has addressed a complaint letter to him. He said that they have expressed their gripe over Mr. Abdirashid Mohamud Ali alias Riyo-Raac whom the incumbent Somaliland president has picked him to represent in the newly formed electoral body. Wadani party has accused him of being a member of Kulmiye ruling party and participated in the last presidential campaigns. The house speaker has also further added that Wadani has complained against Ms. Kaltun Hasan Abdi, who was also the former member of the national election commission. Ms. Kaltun was among the members that the incumbent Somaliland leader has picked her to be a member of the NEC members that are awaiting to be passed by the house of parliament. Mr. Bashe has said that the letter that Wadani has addressed to him, that the party has suspended its member for the upcoming electoral body.

The names of the members submitted to the house of national assembly are:

  1. Mr. Mustafe Mohamed Dahir 
  2. Ms. Kaltun Sheikh Hasan Abdi
  3. Mr. Abdirashid Mohamud Ali aka Riyo Raac
  4. Mr. Abdikarim Yasin Sheikh Dalmar
  5. Mr. Hasan Yusuf Du’ale
  6. Mr. Mohamud Dahir Jama aka Dhoodi
  7. Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Ismail alias Dixood.
  8. The president has nominated two while the ruling Kilmiye party has named one. The house elders speaker is entitled to nominate two and has done so. Wadani and UCID political parties have named their representatives at the NEC.


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