Somaliland to put Somalia’s fruitless dialogue on hold -FM Dr. Essa


The Republic of Somaliland has announced it will suspend talks with the Somali administration, as no results have been reached in the last ten years, Foreign Minister Isse Kayd told VOA’s Somali Service.

Minister Kayd also elaborated on the discussions at the Addis Ababa conference last week between President H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi and Prime Minister H.E. Abiy Ahmed Ali, pointed out that Ethiopia is very interested in strengthening relations with Somaliland.

Elaborating on the meeting between the Ethiopian and Somaliland leaders, the Minister said, “During the official visit to Addis Ababa, the President and the Prime Minister discussed bilateral interests, including trade, security, economic cooperation, and the use of the Berbera port, and trade balance between the two countries.

We discussed increasing Somaliland’s exports to Ethiopia, such as the export of salt and fish resources.

“We also discussed the need for the two sides to hold regular meetings and set up ministerial committees, and Ethiopia now wants to strengthen its relationship with Somaliland.

Dr. Isse also elaborated on the Somaliland government’s position on the British Parliament’s debate on the issue of the independence of the Republic of Somaliland.

Minister Kayd welcomed the UK MPs’ debate on the issue of Somaliland’s recognition, he said

“The debate was a very important step, supported by cross-party lawmakers from different parties, who are familiar with the subject and history of Somaliland. They supported the Republic of Somaliland as a country worthy of recognition

“The British Parliament is one of the largest parliaments in the world.”

Somaliland and the UK share a multifaceted partnership, including trade, with the UK’s CDI announcing months ago that it would invest in three African ports, including the port of Berbera.

Meanwhile, the foreign minister declared that the Somaliland government was changing its stance on the Somalia talks and withdrawing from its political agenda, and underlined that Somaliland’s recognition did not depend on the Mogadishu administration.

“These talks have been going on since 2012 and so far have not yielded any results,” he said. We will stop the talks (Somalia) if the Somali people are not ready to reach an agreement. One should know; “Somaliland recognition does not depend on Somalia? Why? For the last thirty years we have been a separate country.


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