Somaliland to initiate law holding parents responsible for child neglect


By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Employment and Social Affairs Hon. Mustafa Ali Godane said that his ministry is in the process of formulating family law that would have in it a provision that would arrest the fathers who neglect their children.

The minister said that this law would tether the men who neglect their parenthood obligations to the detriment of their children’s welfare, leaving all responsibilities.

Hon. Mustafa has vowed the hallucinating leaves chat. He decried the fact that it was only the mothers who have been left with the burden, chores and responsibility of raising children on top of minding their health and education needs and welfare.

He observed that the tendency of child neglect is vividly depicted at graduation ceremonies of various levels that witness only the mothers being in attendance.

He revealed the move at the commemoration of The Children’s Day.

He said that the ministry is now embarking on the family law, which will protect the family and its rights, and that it will ensure that no longer would fathers neglect their children.


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