Somaliland: Suicide Bomber Kills 3 & Injures 4 in Buhodle


BUHODLE– A man blew himself up yesterday in front of a mosque in Buhodle once people finished evening prayer.

According to reports that several people were killed and other injured in the aftermath of the suicide explosion. The dead include Ahmed Mohamoud Doolaal , former minister of internal affairs of Khaatumo, Abdirizaak Mohamed Regal – former assistant of Indhasheel of Al Shabaab ; and Afweyne who was a military commander of Khaatumo. At least three people were reported to have been injured in the explosion. The target of the explosion was people on board on a vehicle who were travelling after completing Magrib prayer and man blew up in front of the car once the driver braked the car in order to avoid running over him. Buhodle commissioner told BBC Somali services that investigations luanched will disclose the identity of the man behind the attack and those who will be held accountable. Police in Buhodle arrived at the scene of the explosion as well as bodyguards of the officials. This was the first suicide attack ever to occur in Buhodle as it is become a daily day norm for people living in south to witness the explosions.

No group has claimed the responsibility of carrying out the attack as far as the explosion in Buhodle is concerned. Somaliland president, Musa Bihi sent condolences to the families that lost loved ones in the explosion and those that have been injured in the attack. Mr. Bihi revealed that Somaliland’s law enforcement agencies conduct an investigation which is underway and has shown a zero tolerance policy that such attacks to transpire in Somaliland. Former health minister, Mr. Sulieman Haglo Tosiye who spoke to local paper said that the death toll and the casualties in the aftermath of the suicide attack will rise. The ex-minister stated that tension run high in Buhodle after the explosion which caused widespread panicking and fear among the residents. The minister added that it left behind suspision among the residents that enjoyed peace and stability over the past years. The former health minister also condoled the families that lost relatives in the attack and also condemned with the strongest possible terms to the perpetrators behind this barbaric suicide attack.



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