Somaliland: Social Affairs Ministry to Offer Aid to Vulnerable Section of the community



The Social Affairs Ministry of Somaliland is at the forefront to offer accommodation to homeless in the lock down amid Covid-19 pandemic.

This was announced by the minister for employment and social affairs, Ms. Hinda Jama Hersi. The minister has said that the ministry of social affairs has come up with new scheme which is aimed at minimizing the effect on Covid-19 on homeless including street children, mentally unstable people and beggars whereby the ministry is offering accommodation in a designated areas.

The ministry of employment is currently working on conducting a census in Hargeisa villages to recognize the vulnerable sect of the community who are in desperately in need of urgent support from the government.

The minister, Ms. Hinda has sent an urgent plea to the organizations both locally and internationally in an attempt to offer much needed to the underprivileged part of the community during this lock-down.

The lock-down is expected to impact on vulnerable communities and endangering the livelihood of people who depend on a daily income.

Ms. Hinda has said that the government in conjunction with business tycoons are expected to put in place a new scheme which is aimed at offering temporary workers who count on daily day income.

The ministry has recommended that all ministerial staff who are frail and are over the ages of 60 years old must take a paid leave.

The ministry of employment urged foreign staffers returning from overseas to Somaliland must adhere to go into 14 quarantine as per the directives issued by the Committee tasked against the preparednss and response of the deadly Covid-19.


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