Somaliland security sector agencies enhance their cooperation and share understanding on maritime legal framework


EUCAP field office Hargeisa advisors held a five-day workshop on Coast Guard Law, Criminal Justice Chain, and Jurisdiction to increase Somaliland law-enforcement and Coast Guard functions knowledge.

The workshop brought together a wide range of Somaliland security sector agencies and gave the Coast Guard, Police, Immigration Department, Attorney General, Counter Piracy and Lawyers Association the opportunity to enhance their cooperation and contribute to a common understanding of maritime legal framework.

Workshop practical and theoretical sessions also benefitted from Attorney General Office and Counter-Piracy Cooperation Office’s contributions that allowed the 22 participants to raise their awareness on their duties.

According to the Head of Somaliland Coast Gard Operations, Captain Abdiqani Kayse Abdilahi, the workshop was helpful for the daily routines of the coast guard functions but also to learn more on different ways of investigations. For another participant, Captain Hibo Yusuf Abdillahi, one of the main highlights of the workshop, besides the experience sharing, was the “atmosphere of cooperation” created among security agencies.

As recommended by participants, EUCAP will continue to support Somaliland counterparts through organization of other similar workshops that will allow attendants to broaden their capacities in maritime security.


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