Somaliland says it will retaliate against Puntland’s violation of its territory


HARGEISA–Somaliland cabinet ministers have condemned Somalia’s constant aggression against its territory.

The president of the republic, Musa Bihi Abdi on Thursday has chaired the 21st meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held at the presidential palace. The deputy president was also in attendance. The ministers have debated and discussed on the Somalia’s aggression against Somaliland sovereignty particularly Badhan. The council of ministers have warned against Somalia to further meddle its internal affairs by violating its territorial integrity.

  1. The republic of Somaliland cares about the stability and peace in the Horn and is against any acts of animosity and destabilization to occur in the region.
  2. Somalia has violated Somaliland’s sovereignty by using Puntland as tool and as you know that a minister from the federal govt has come to Badhan which was about to instigate groups to clash leading to bloodshed.
  3. According to Tukaraq, Somaliland has accepted the peace proposal initaited by the UN and IGAD which called on the cessation of hostilities and swapping of prisoners. The Farmajo led gov’t is determined to wage a war against Somaliland. The visit embarked by Puntland’s president to Badhan is interpreted as hatred and the inciting of new acrimony against Somaliland.
  4. Somaliland says that it has decided to defend its territory, populace and nation from any foe.
  5. Somaliland is expected to take immediate actions in response to the visit of Abdiweli Gas to Badhan.
  6. Finally, the cabinet approved the pension law of Somaliland’s armed forces (Xeer Lr xx/2018).


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