Somaliland: Prominent Doctor Criticizes the Government of how it handled Covid-19 prevention



Somaliland most prominent doctor, Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gabose had addressed on how Khat imported from Ethiopia into Somaliland can spread the deadly Covid-19.

The doctor had spoken to the local media outlets yesterday in his private hospital, Haldoor, and set the alarm bells on how Khat, a herbal stimulant can spread the Covid-19.

Dr. Gabose has criticized how the government of Somaliland has handled the prevention of Covid 19 in the country and has sent a clear signal that the Committee tasked the prevention of Covid-19 are not serious about Khat could be an agent that could spread the virus in Somaliland.

He sent a stern message to Somaliland president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi.

The doctor has stressed that Khat is the leading number one that can spread the pandemic at an alarming rate and called on the president to act before it is too late.

While speaking on the way Khat could spread Covid-19, the doctor said, “Khat is an exposed food that is not sterilized and directly comes into our local markets. There could be a lot of people who could touch the stimulant but are not in a position to buy it and have Covid-19. Once another person buys, he would bring the infection into his house and that is the main reason the virus will be transmitted and quickly spread.”

He has blasted the Committee against Covid-19 prevention for not taking heed to the wake up calls that they must ban Khat from Somaliland before it could be an agent that could spread the infection quickly.



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