Somaliland: Police Seize Counterfeit foreign currencies & alcohol drinks


Hundreds of black papers cut to the size of Euro and US dollar bills as well as chemicals and other materials used allegedly print counterfeit currency notes were seized by Somaliland police forces in a joint operation across the four major towns of Hargeisa, Buroa, Bo’ame and Lasanod.

In a press conference, police spokesman, Colonel Faisal Heiss Elmi stated that the network of criminals have been put under arrest and further warned the public against the danger of counterfeit bills.

Meanwhile, the Somaliland police spokesman has cited that the security forces have confiscated dozens of cartons full of 450 litres of alcohol wine drinks which was hidden inside residential buildings in the capital Hargeisa.

The Colonel went on to say that the police have arrested two people who were caught selling and trading banned alcohol wines in the capital Hargeisa.

The beer bottles were seized in a joint operation of the intelligence units and the anti-contraband department of Somaliland police force.

He said: ” The police force have caught 450 litres of bottled beer which was illegally smuggled through the country and we have detained two suspects. During last week the police also raided a house in the capital Hargeisa where 770 litres of illegal beer was stored and we arrested one suspect on the spot. The police transferred the suspect to the regional prosecutor and the concerned court authorities.”

Colonel Faisal Heiss Elmi has appealed to Somaliland citizens to refrain from illicit business and urged them to report cases of individuals trading on counterfeit dollar bills and the illegal alcohol drinks as well.



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