Somaliland: Police Crackdown on Criminal Gangs Terrorizing City Residents


Hargeisa- In a press conference held by the police at their headquarters in Hargeisa revealed that following a big operation to crack the whip on criminal gangs succeeded in nabbing many gangsters. The deputy police commissioner Brigadier General Abdirahman Liban Ahmed (Foohle) stated at the press briefing that a new kind of criminal enterprise had taken root in the country following their operation on the popular mode of taxis in Somaliland the Toyota Vitz.

Brigadier General Foohle revealed that motor vehicles theft has taken root in Somaliland a country with zero cases of car theft.

He confirmed that his officers had apprehended a stolen car from suspects and handed it back to their owners.

The police boss revealed that the police will every week inform the public about what they have nabbed in operations so that they can help the police with sensitive information about criminals.On the other hand the police spokesperson Mr.Faisal Hiis Elmi announced that they had arrested the driver of a Toyota Vitz taxi that hit and run over the late Mubarak Yusuf Mohammed near Deero Mall area of Hargeisa.

In another the development the police spokesman confirmed the arrest of Mr.Ali Abshir Iidan who was accused of shooting multiples people in Dhami estate of Hargeisa.



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