Somaliland: Opposition leaders call for snub presidential elections



Somaliland opposition parties call for an early presidential polls as the president has announced their abolishing two years prior to the end of their mandate.

In a joint press conference today, UCID and Wadani parties have called for presidential, local and parliamentary polls to be held this year.

In their joint statement, the two parties accused the president of trying to cement his grip on power and developed dictatorship, the last check on president’s powers according to them.

The two parties further alleged that the president is planning an extension of his term in office by pushing back the elections scheduled for this year.

Local, parliamentary elections are long overdue but the president is yet to finish his third year in office out of five year term.

However, the call for cutting the president’s term short is the opposition parties response to president Bihi’s announcement of opening the registration of new political organizations two years ahead of schedule. That effectively relegates Wadani, ICID and Kulmiye parties to a political associations which will compete in an election to qualify for political party status.

According to Somaliland constitution, the country can only have three political parties at a time.

The two opposition parties gave an ultimatum to President Bihi until March 10, to reverse his decision. Otherwise, they said Musa Bihi won’t remain a president.

Faisal Ali Warabe said the president will be deposed if he is adamant of breaking the laws and abolishing the political parties.


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