Somaliland: Gov’t to rebuild infra-structures damaged by Cyclone Sagar


HARGEISA–The government of Somaliland has announced today  a large scale project of rebuilding health centers, school buildings and water wells affected by the cyclone sagar that hit the country in May this year.

This is a well coordinated efforts embarked by the government to have the responsibility for co-coordinating disaster recovery strategies that have been impacted by the cyclone.

Somaliland Standard has reported that the Director General of Planning & National Development ministry, Hon. Abdirashid Ibrahim Abdirahman, made the announcement.

The government had allocated over $1.4 which is donated by UNOCHA which is aimed at reconstructing at institution which has been damaged by Sagar.

It has claimed the lives of 53 people and affected more than 900, 000 people and displaced more than 432 people.

The Cyclone has caused a damage estimated to be around  700 million dollars which needs funds for rebuilding which will be estimated to around 210 million dollars.

The sagar cyclone has destroyed schools, roads, health centers, and farming areas in Somaliland.

ADRA which is Kenyan based foundation is about the implement to reconstruction of all buildings affected in the aftermath of Saga Cyclone.




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