Somaliland: Ex-Minister Endorses President Bihi’s Verdict to Re-nationalize Oil Terminal


HARGEISA– Former Information minister backs president Bihi’s decision to re-nationalize Berbera Oil Terminal and brought back under the public control. The minister, Hon. Osman Abdilahi Sahardid a.k.a “Adani” has made the remarks in a newspaper interview. Mr. Adani has said that the objective behind the privatization of the Oil Terminal was to increase trade but further revealed that the firms takeover it brought contaminated fuel. The former minister disclosed that the contaminated fuel was brought to Somaliland when the country was at war.

The Oil Terminal to be in the hands of the government is part and parcel of the country’s national security and that there must be reserved fuel in case of fuel shortage that the country may experience. The country may be in an emergency situation and that there is an urgent need for fuel and that is why it is necessary for the state to run the oil terminal. Ex-information minister spoke of the state takeover of airport security and said that the firms were running it very smoothly. He added that there is no problem if state assumes it. He disclosed that the firm which was running the airport security was a crucial one but the president’s decision is binding.

Mr. Adani talked about the corruption scandal associated with former ministers who served during Silanyo’s presidency. He called on PAC to provide concrete evidence against the ministers who are accused of committed widespread graft. The ex-minister spoke of his behavior as information minister that the assets he had was public money belonging to all Somalilanders across the country. He said that the assets belong to the insane, the disabled, the sick, those maimed in the struggle and the orphaned. The former information minister urged that public officials must first think about the public funds should belong to aforementioned populace.




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