Ministers embark on trip to DRC to shore up mineral investment extraction in Somaliland


KINSHASA—Ministers have traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to shore up investment opportunities for the untapped resources laden in the country.

Energy minister, Hon. Jama Mohamud Egal accompanied by the minister in charge of involvement, Hon. Awad met with officials from Mining Mineral Resource (MMR) and SOMIKA  which earlier toured Somaliland. The ministers have inspected ongoing mineral exploration projects in Lubumbashi, the second largest city in DRC.

They have been demonstrated how to extract Copper minerals.  Somaliland is rich with the following minerals including Cobalt, Titanium, Tin, Gold and Lithium. The minister’s tour is said to be a fact finding one which is aimed at luring investment opportunities to Somaliland.

Once the ministers wrap up their official working tour to the DRC, then ministries of Energy along with Investment are due to sign a deal with Mining Mineral Resource (MMR) and SOMIKA firms. The two firms have a long standing experience in mineral exploration and extraction. Once the minerals are extracted then that is due to push for economic growth and to create jobs for Somalilanders. The ministry of investment which President Bihi has recently created is embarked on well coordinated effort to shore up mineral extraction in the country.


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