Somaliland Condemns Somalia for being an obstacle to its recognition quest


The government of Somaliland has in a strong worded response condemned Somalia undemocratic government for constantly sabotage of her International recognition campaign. This follows a bill tabled in the British Parliament to recognise Somaliland. The motion brought by an ardent supporter of Somaliland, Hon. Gavin Williamson of the Conservative Party.

Somalia foreign minister Mr.Abdi Said Ali voiced his opposition to the British Parliament. In a press release posted of the Somalia government official social media handles the foreign minister refused to acknowledge Somaliland determination for self governance.

Somaliland assistant minister of health Mr.Liban Yusuf Gahanuug stated that this shows the open hatred by Somalia on the people of Somaliland and their government. He went on and urged the people of Somaliland to unite against any ploy by Somalia to undermine the independence of their country.

Also speaking to journalists was a vocal opposition member of parliament Mr.Barkhaad Batuun who responded to Somalia government.

“Somaliland has democratic government which has attracted the eyes of the international community to a point whereby Somaliland has become the agenda of foreign government parliament.”

Hon.Barkhaad urged the government of Somalia to concentrate on bringing peace to their country instead of wasting time on Somaliland. He went on to say that the people of Somalia are suffering while their leaders are mere propagating propaganda about Somaliland.

By:Guled Abdi Mahir


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