Somaliland Assist Ethiopia to foil terrorist attacks in Addis Ababa



Somaliland government handed over two terrorist members to Ethiopia following cross border  police collaboration between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

The two held in Hargeisa and later handed over to Ethiopian Federal Govt are Yishak Ali Adan and Adan Muhammed Mohamed, known as Adan Boray.

Somaliland intelligence agency which launched man hunt operation following having received hints led to the apprehension of the two terrorist elements who sneaked into Somaliland territory.

Ethiopia praised Somaliland’s cooperation in intelligence-sharing and joint-operations, and said that Somaliland played a huge role in thwarting the plotters who were planning to conduct terrorist attacks in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia said in an official statement released one of the detained in Hargeisa, Yishak Ali Aden obtained an Ethiopian ID card with the name Ibrahim Ali Aden, the card was issued in Bohwareda region. Adan Muhammed Mohamed was also caught with two Ethiopian bank accounts worth $ 2.5 million in Ethiopian money, equivalent to approximately $ 85,000.

Ethiopia and Somaliland share cooperation in the areas of security and trade.

The Ethiopian govt expressed thanks over the intelligence sharing with neighboring countries including Somaliland.


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