Somaliland: 5 doctors will travel to Taiwan in order to attend training



Doctors from Somaliland will soon leave for Taiwan in order to attend seminars.

This was announced by Head of a mission of Somaliland to the UK, Ms. Ayan Mohamud Ashur. The 5 doctors from Erigavo, Lasanod, Buroa, Berbera and Borama will attend the training in Taiwan. Somaliland local doctors who will have the chance to be part of the training is expected to broaden their experience by participating training in the biggest hospitals and clinics in major townships in Taiwan. The invitation of Somaliland doctors to travel to Taiwan comes after the the emissary held discussions with Taiwanese consul officials in the UK and offered the chance. Mr. Ayan further disclosed that two doctors later will go to Taiwan to pursue their education as part of scholarship thanks to the Taiwanese gov’t. Somaliland, Taiwan both nations are unrecognized and are seeking to secede from Somalia and Mainland China.



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