Somalia President Suspends PM’s powers to sack and appoint officials


Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Thursday suspended the PM Mohmed Husein Roble’s power to appoint and dismiss officials, causing a protest from political stakeholders as row between top Federal leaders worsened.

The President said in a statement that the decision was taken following Roble’s violation of the provisional constitutional, days after the PM ordered the finance ministry that it should not make payments without his authorization and pursued the justice for the murdered female spy Ikran Tahlil.

“The powers of the PM and all correspondence related to dismissals and appointments have been suspended,” the president said in a statement, adding that the suspension will last until elections.

Bashir Gobe, who had been appointed by PM Roble as the new Spy Chief took charge of the finances of Somalia’s Spy Agency, and immediately sacked Farmajo’s allies, including Yasin Farey, who had been named by Farmajo to head NISA.

Somalia’s PM is due to respond to power suspensions by President Farmajo.


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