Somali Region Human Rights Activists Urge Inhabitants to Work in Unison for Prosperity of Region


Addis Ababa  August 27/2018 Somali Region human rights activists residing abroad have called on inhabitants of the region to work in unison for the prosperity of the region.

They also urged residents of the region to fight against violations of human rights on individuals.

Ethiopians of Somali origin living in the United States have been fighting against violations of human rights in the region under the name Dulmitit, it was learned.

Leaders of Dulmitit returned home after many years following the call of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Dulmitit Chairperson Umar Daholrsi told ENA that the reform underway in the region and the country at large is encouraging. He added that inhabitants of the region must work together for the comprehensive change in the region.

Jobs need to be given without discrimination and on the basis of knowledge instead of tribal affiliations, he stressed.

Chairperson Daholrsi noted that “when all nations and nationalities and peoples rise up in unison, everything is possible. All should be treated equally, irrespective of ethnicity. Fulfilling this should be our work. You should not get job for being a member of a certain tribe unless you have superior knowledge and qualification.”

Dulmitit Spokesperson Bashir Gerad Ahmed said all regions need to recognize that they are homes of every Ethiopian and live in harmony.

All Ethiopian should respect one another and work in unison for unity and prosperity, he stressed.

The blogger known for his well articulated works on the region while living in UK, Abdel Rashdi Ali said there are residents of the region who suffered only because of their kinship to alleged opponents residing abroad.

Expressing his satisfaction with the changes in the region, he called on future administrators to respect rights of citizens.



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