SL President attends ground-breaking ceremony of Hargeisa BYPASS Road


SL President H.E Musa Bihi Abdi, has attended the groundbreaking ceremony dubbed the BYPASS Highway which is designed to provide an alternative road in order to reduce traffic congestion the capital. Government officials and foreign dignitaries were in attendance. UK ambassador to Somalia, Ms. Kate Foster, was in attendance to witness the ground breaking ceremony. President Bihi has accentuated the importance of the highway for the revitalization of the economy in SL and the region. SL President has appealed to business tycoons to take part in the road development. Bihi said: ” Our country does not have a standard of roads but we need to unite to make that happen. We thank those who extended their contribution to us in the development of sectors, but as a national, we can do much better than others.” The UK top diplomat to Somalia, Kate Foster, during her remarks, has described the project in which the UK hugely contributed as an important mark. She noted that regional states would benefit from it. Kate said: ” This BYPASS is being identified as a critical checkpoint on the corridor from Berbera and would have a significant implications for the region, and I am particularly delighted for the UK contribution here in focused not only on supporting but enabling the trade corridor and the movement of trade goods across the region. So this is also about bringing investment chances and development corridor to this area as well as a very important issues for the UK perspective. The project is due to be successfully completed at the end of of this year and is a high priority for the government to reduce traffic jam.




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