Remuneration and staff grading process in pipeline


The Somaliland civil service commission held a meeting yesterday to present the policy on staff remuneration and grading process.

The meeting was held at the meeting hall of the Public Service Organization in Hargeisa ultimately approved the policy paper on the issue.

The meeting was presided over by the Deputy Chairman of the Civill service commission.

It saw the attendance of, the Minister of National Planning and the Minister of Employment, Social and Family Affairs.

Also present were the Deputy Minister of Finance, the Chairman of the Good Governance Commission as well as some Directors General of several ministries and agencies, amongst other senior officials.

Briefs were made about the draft of the Salary Policy and the Grading of Government Employees.

They were also updated on the various stages the policy paper underwent hence it is expected to be forwarded to the council of the cabinet ministers before being tabled at the parliament.

They were all of the consensus that once passed it ought to be fully and swiftly implemented.

The ministers and other leaders who spoke at the event welcomed the draft policy, saying that it is something that was needed and will contribute greatly to the reform of the government and the nation as a whole.

They called that when the national councils and assemblies to fulfill their duties as per cue.


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