Reconstruction of the Waaheen Market ought to start forthwith, says officials


M. A. Egge

The Minister of Religious Endowment Sh. Abdirisaq Hussein Albani has informed the owners of the land in the market to complete the construction building plans on their land by the twenty-second of October this year.

In a meeting Tuesday 11th October 2022, the National Committee for the Reconstruction of the Waheen Market and the technical committee of the reconstruction discussed on the progress of the rebuilding of the Waheen Market which was razed to the ground by a furious fire recently.

Hon. Sheikh Albani, noted that owners of four sections/blocks of burnt areas have not processed their construction plans hence directed them to meet the technical committee to address the issue immediately.

The committee has informed the owners who have adopted the construction plans of their land to complete the construction agreement within 10 days, so that the national committee can disburse the 45% of the funds earmarked to each.

He warned that those who do not bring the agreement for the construction of their land within ten days then the national committee will appoint companies to carry out the construction work.


“We are informing the people who are the owners of Waheen market that have not had the plans, that they should seek them immediately”, Minister Sheikh Albani

On the other hand the Mayor of Hargeisa Cllr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge said that in order for the reconstruction of the market to start forthwith and at the same time, people who have not yet completed the design of their land should complete it within the specified time set.

“It is not possible for the Waahen market to remain closed, the government is determined to open the market and start business as usual, for this to be possible, the business must heed the notifications of the board”, said the Mayor.

The government-owned market and the commercial-owned market are earmarked to start re-construction in juxtaposition.


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