Presidential nominee Cirro has no path to win Somaliland presidency



Presidential nominee Abdirahman  Cirro has no path to win the presidency if JSL presidential election is held today. Most of the voters will not vote for him because he has no plan or strategy to win. 

He and his Wadani party have been consumed with whining and complaining and apologizing about Somaliland: “The 2017 presidential election was rigged, Somaliland is not inclusive enough, we’re not included in this, we are not at table in that, and President Bihi is a dictator….”, and so on. 

His party has undermined the territorial integrity of Somaliland. They’re aiding and abetting those who hate us and plotting to harm Somaliland. 

He is against our Republic and the Somaliland National Defense Forces SLNDF) that is preserving and protecting our nation. He is giving aid and comfort to our enemy. He is accusing SLNDF committing a genocide in Las Anood battle. He became the mouthpiece of the Darood tribal militias and the terrorists that are fighting in East Sool region. 

It’s obvious that the Wadani party is desperate and running out of ideas and sound policy, and now they resorted to violence instead of addressing the most pressing issues that matter most to ordinary Somalilanders. 

I know it has been a difficult time for Cirro since losing the 2017 presidential election he was supposed to win. But Partisan rancor, violence, divisive rhetoric and deep clan divisions will never bring our people together or move Somaliland forward. or help him to win more votes. 

It’s time Cirro put country before party or his sub-clan. 

I understand the electoral commission, the political parties  and party presidential  nominees  are selected in a rig system.  We need more political parties. Absolutely, JSL needs huge reforms on our constitution, our judicial system, our elections laws, our local governments, and so on. 

Since 2005, the JSL legislature failed to pass meaningful legislation to address the problems of the makeup of the electoral commission, term extensions, the manner presidential nominees are chosen inside the party, and so many other important issues. Cirro was the speaker of the legislature for 15 years. While he was the speaker, he approved multiple presidential and legislative extensions, which were illegal.  

In fact, he made the legislature part of the Silanyo/ Xirsi administration—- which was the most corrupt administration JSL had. 

And now,  Wadani legislators are not interested in making SL a better place and a well governed nation. They are more interested in bringing down our young nation and destroying the aspirations of 6 million Somalilanders to become a free and democratic Republic, and to be a member of the world of nations.

Cirro chose to put his own interest ahead of the country. We are paying a heavy cost. Today, he is using clan identity “TOLAYEEY”, political panhandlers, dubious clan elders, Dahabshiil and Telesom managment, and militant “Ictisaam” clergies, to cover his stupidity and political failure.

These groups have contributed so much to the lawlessness and bad governance that prevailed JSL for the last two decades.  They do not believe our constitution; they hate our system of government, our flag and our country. They’re very determined to  takeover our government and bring under the control of the so called Federal Republic of Somaliland.
On May 18, 1991, Somaliland people chose the Republic over monarchy, authoritarianism, and tribalism. We must protect and defend our Republic despite its shortcomings. 

We must reject those advocating division, tribalism and violence as means to achieve political objectives. We must not tolerate Somalia apologists masquerading as legitimate political parties while aiding and abetting those who are attacking our freedom and nation. 

Cirro and some of his Gar-Xajis die-hard supporters are taking up arms and calling for “blood and violence” unless Cirro is crowned as the next president of JSL. 

They should understand that the Presidential election is a contest between different  political party nominees, with agenda to win the election. It is not a contest between tribes, clans, or classes. The nominee who wins the most votes is declared the winner. The loser should concede graciously and congratulate the winner. Cirro failed to do so in 2017.  

Why should we expect him to concede if he loses the upcoming 2024 election? 

In fact, Cirro and his supporters will never concede if they lose the election as Trump did in the 2020 election.  

Finally, if Cirro wants to win the 2024 presidential election – he should spend less time complaining and whining about Somaliland, the electoral commission, the political organizations, and  spend more time appealing to all voters and not only to his sub clan identity-based supporters— he might have more chance of defeating the Kulmiye party—a party that has a lackluster accomplishment to win a third term! 

Ali-Guban Mohamed
Founder and Editor 


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