President Visits Third Batch of Somaliland National Service Volunteers



Somaliland President H.E Musa Bihi Abdi, on Friday, has paid a visit to the 3rd batch of volunteers at the National Service Program who are having their training at Dararweine cadets training academy. The Head of State was greeted by the head of the National Service Program, Mohamed Husein Osman alias Muadin, who briefed the president on the state of affairs of the third batch of volunteers of National Service Program. President Bihi has told the volunteers that the objective behind the creation of the program is to produce fresh blood of Somaliland youth who have a full understanding of the importance of what nation is all about. Bihi said: ” I have to congratulate on the volunteers at NSP who have chosen to serve for the nation, which is a clear indication that you are patriotic and love your country.” Bihi stated that the youngsters have put the nation’s interest first besides the personal interests. He added that the youngsters believe in serving for the nation.  The President also congratulated on the volunteers for the resilience they have shown amidst the pandemic. He said that they have complied with the measures put in place including that parents and relatives were not allowed to call on them during the pandemic. The president said that he paid the visit to the academy so as to lunch with volunteers. The Head of State has reiterated that the academy will be a center created for the providing trainings to all government employees be it ministries, and training armed forces. The president thanked for the shrewd leadership of the head of the National Service Program. He urged female graduates from universities to join the academy as their services are appreciated.






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