Political organizations contented with the Confirmation for Committee Registration of Political Parties


Somaliland populace have welcomed the registrations of new political parties. This follows the confirmation of the new committee for the registration of new political parties by the parliament, paving the way to start the process in earnest.

The President of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi had earlier on sent the names of the appointees to parliament for confirmation. The House of Representatives voted for four political parties’ registrations committee members and rejected three.

People who have interests in politics congratulated the members of parliament for voting for the bill and committee members. They said this will open new avenues for politicians with the ambition to find ways to ascend through the ranks of the country’s leadership.

Some founding members of the new political outfits sent their messages through media houses. They were elated about the voting in of some of the members of the registrations committee.

Members who spoke on behalf of the new political parties such as Somaliland People’s Party (SPP), Barwaaqo, Horseed and Waberi sent their messages to Somaliland voters, calling upon them to get ready for the election of new political parties that will represent them for a decade.

Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gaboose called it a great day for Somaliland and a victory to democracy. He said the registrations and voting should start in earnest on Monday and said this has put to rest the conflicts caused by national parties Wadani, Ucid and Kulmiye.

A top official of SPP Mr. Mohamed Mohamud Hashi welcomed the move to start the registrations of new political parties he called it a democratic and the will of the people of Somaliland.

The chairman of Horseed organization Mr. Abdillahi Hussein Iman (Abdillahi Darawal) also welcomed the registration process. He thanked the president for the initiative.


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