Ministry of Finance: Public consultation meeting for the preparation of the 2024 budget held in Berbera


The Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire has said that the budget estimates and budget expenditure are balanced.

In a community consultation meeting for the preparation of the 2024 budget held at the Maritime University in Berbera, the community made many suggestions related to the preparation of the budget.

Public relations director Ahmed said that they will take into considerations the suggestions made by the community in the meeting was attended by the students of Berbera Naval University, other academics, the heads of the Ministry of Finance and other guests.

“Your suggestions and recommendations will not be taken for granted, but we will consider them and they will be part of the preparation of the next government budget of 2024”, Ahmed Muse Mohamed, Director of Public Relations and Financial Information said.

“The budget cuts are the worthy of consultations like the one we are having”, said Director General of the Ministry of Finance Hussein Mohamed Osman (Mu’adin).

“As a university, it is an honor for us to host a discussion forum of this scale”, said the chancellor of the campus.

“I would suggest to the Ministry of Finance that 50% of the budgets should be made to seek recognition”, Mayor of Berbera District Abdishakur Idin.

“I suggest to Sahel scholars that they make good use of the 2024 budget projections,” Sahel governor Ali Ase said.

“Our budget is balanced in terms of revenue and expenditure said the minister.


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