Ministry of Agriculture introduces Program to Increase Crops Productivity in Somaliland


The minister of agriculture Hon. Abdikadir Iman Warsame on Tuesday, in Hargeisa, unveiled a project to increase the out put of crops in the country. The minister was accompanied by the chairman of the National Silos Mr. Faisal Ali Sheikh and the director general of National Tender Board.

This program to increase agricultural production in the country was introduced by president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi in his election manifesto.

According to the government of Somaliland the objective of the program is to motivate the nation’s farmers to increase food production for food security and self reliance.

The government also wants farmers to reap the reward of their labor through increase production.

The government wants the crops from farms in the country to be sold to the national silos.

National Silos chairman Mr. Faisal stated the importance of this program to food security in the country.

Addressing participants during the launch of the program the minister of agriculture reiterated that the government wants to see increase production of crops in the country.


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