Meeting in Operationalization of Fiscal Decentralization Action Plan, Local Government Budget Consultations and Semi-Annual Budget Review



BERBERA–The Director General of the Ministry of Finance Mr. Mohamed Abdi Gurhan opened a three-day consultative meeting in an operationalization of fiscal decentralization action plan, local government budget consultations and semi-annual budget review with government/sector ministries. UN JPLG, All Inter-ministerial and Technical Working Group JPLG Ministries, Champion Office, JPLG Districts and Other Stakeholders are attended.

This is annual meeting of all UNJPLG, JPLG Districts, and Sector Ministries of JPLG review and discuss on topics related to Fiscal Decentralization and set action plan as well as road map for the upcoming years. Local Government Budget Consultations and Semi-annual Budget Review with Government/Sector Ministries will be very important milestone in this meeting. Key questions to be discussed during the meeting include:

  1. What is the progress made since the Fiscal Decentralization Strategy (FDS) and its implementation roadmap achieved?
  2.  How the Fiscal Decentralization strategy and action plan affected Local Government, structures, functions, revenues, expenditures, and Intergovernmental Fiscal relations?
  3. What actions should be taken to shift sector Ministries fiscal responsibilities for expenditures and/or revenues to Local Government? Challenges and opportunities.
  4. How has the System of planning, budgeting, expenditure management and reporting has progressed and its status?
  5. How Digitization, Inclusive Budgeting and Climate Financing can be integrated to the budget processes?

4. The expected meeting Outcome: –

  • Fiscal Decentralization Progress, Lessons learned, challenges are presented
  •  PFM and Related Laws are well informed to the stakeholder
  • New Opportunities and challenges are shared.
  • Agreed action points and way forward


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