Maritime Security Conference held in Hargeisa


A meeting jointly organized by the Maritime Security Liaison Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somaliland and EUCAP was held in Hargeisa on Wedneday.

The purpose of the meeting was on the bolstering of major responsibility in securing the security of the high seas of Somaliland and its coasts.

It meeting was attended by all the stakeholders of the maritime affairs including the line ministries, the presidential adviser on the maritime affairs, institutions, the senior security officials of the various arms of the forces and the universities that provide knowledge of maritime sciences.

The Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Ahmed Abokor Mohamed, officially opened the meeting by emphasizing its importance and underlined the importance of having a discussion about the situation the Red Sea given the latest volatility that has arisen in the area.

Abib Ahmed Hirsi, the Deputy Director of the Office of Maritime Security and the head of EUCAP in Somaliland, Mr. Poul Severinssen, gave a multifaceted speech related to how to work concertedly on maritime security.


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