Liyuu police regrouping, Oromo refugees arrive in Wajale, Somaliland beefing up security in the border with Ethiopia


BORAMA– Reports coming from border districts that Somaliland shares with Ethiopia specially, Selel region confirm that the Ethiopian Federal military take control of Ayshaca town where the paramilitary Liyuu Police which was responsible for the security deserted from it. It is reported that Liyuu Police have also abandoned Hadhagaale town. The Liyuu Police is reported to be regrouping in Dayaca which is 2km from from Xariirad, a town in Somaliland which links with Ethiopia.

Somaliland has announced that it has tightened security amidst political unrest that marred most towns in Somali regional state in Ethiopia. Selel regional administration in Somaliland have been patrolling border areas with Ethiopia. It is reported that police were deployed into the border towns linking Ethiopia with Somaliland. Deputy minister for internal security of Somaliland, Mr. Mohamed Muse Dirie has announced the interception of four vehicles looted and stole from Jigjia which were intercepted in Wajale and Burao towns. The deputy minister said that the authority also apprehended those who were caught red handed. Hon. Dirie said that 400 Oromo refugees arrived in Somaliland who have fled from the unrest that hit the Somali region in Ethiopia.



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