Leaders of opposition parties must abide by the country’s laws and social cohesion, Elders Speaker


Speaker of Parliament Sends Message to the public

The Speaker of the House of Elders, Hon. Suleiman Mohamud Aden, urged the leaders of the opposition parties to respect the country’s laws and work towards unity and solidarity of the people.

Speaking on the occasion of the 26th of June, Hon. Suleiman congratulated the community on Independence Day and said while addressing opposition leaders to promote social cohesion and unity.

Speaking on the recent chaos of the opposition parties, Hon. Suleiman said “we should thank God that the nation has established a constitution with democratic governance and rules dictate ways to reach the highest positions, so it’s that the only way one can reach leadership”.

“These days the opposition parties have shown a bit of impatience”, he said.

Similarly, the speaker of Somaliland parliament Hon. Abdirisak Khalif Ahmed has urged the country’s leaders and citizens to celebrate the 26th June Independence Day ceremony in a high profile manner.

He reiterated the importance of the day to the people of Somaliland lest they should forget the long struggle for freedom.

In a speech he read to commemorate 62nd anniversary of Somaliland independence from Britain, he underlined that 26th June was a very important day for the people of Somaliland.

He added that it was a 100-years vision for Somaliland struggle for freedom from the British.

He went on to say that it was the beginning of an end to Somali people colonization.

The Speaker narrated that to gain freedom on 26th June followed a long struggle that was led by religious leaders and the cream of  Somaliland populace.

He mentioned the late Sheikh Sayid Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan (pbuh) who led a 21 years of war with the British government. He also remembered the late Sheikh Bashir who was at the forefront of the freedom struggle.

The chairman of the House of Representatives also said that he will not forget the input of Poet Haji Adam Ahmed (Afqalloo) how he participated in debates and recited poems to urge the people to resist the British colonizers.

He also recalled with nostalgia the important role the late former president of Somaliland H.E Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal played for Somaliland to gain independence in 1960.

He requested the leaders and people of Somaliland to put high profile emphasis in the celebrations of this great day.

Somaliland gained independence from Great Britain on 26th day of June 1960.



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