Internal Security Minister Sends a Stern warning to electricity companies


The minister of internal security Mr.Mohamed Kaahin Ahmed has warned electricity companies that they have to get rid of all lose electrical cables hanging loosely on the southern flanks of the second Market. He said should another fire inferno start in the second market they will bear the full responsibility of the cost.

He also stated that the southern part of the market will be open for business as usual except the shops overlooking the market that had been burned by the fire. He said they were ascertaining if their were goods in them.


 The minister said “We have decided to open up the southern side of the market that over looks the burnt Waheen Market. It will be business as usual.”

The minister confirmed that they had first to ascertain the cause of the fire before allowing the market to open.

“The electricity companies have informed us that the market is safe and they have given us a written assurance that the market is safe. In case of another fire the electricity companies will be held to account” Minister Mohamed Kaahin Ahmed said.

On the other hand the minister stated  “All  buildings on the northern  flanks overlooking the market will be open for business except only a few that had burnt but need to be assessed to make sure if there are worthy goods in them.”

The minister urged trucks ferrying goods into the market that they will be allowed access starting midnight.

The minister sentiments come at a time when investigation on the cause of the Waheen Market fire inferno in ongoing.


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