Finance Ministry Conducts departmental Evaluation


The minister of Finance Dr.Saad Ali Shire speaking first three months activities stated evaluation is vital good governance, adding, good governance helps in implementation and evaluation of government projects. The minister was speaking during a meeting with departments heads at his ministry to evaluate their work from January-March 2022.

The meeting was held in the minister’s office. The meeting was attended by the Director General in the ministry of finance and departments heads. They discussed what they had accomplished in terms of revenue collections and other ministry portfolio in the duration of January-March this year.


“Our meeting today pertains the evaluation of work done according to our policy “

He said that the 14 departments at the ministry had forwarded their work evaluation for the past three months.

He added the importance of every three months evaluation process for progress of ministry of finance agenda.

He said that any obstacle or challenges are easily noticed when evaluation is done  trimonthly.


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