Interior Minister urges opposition parties to honor the constitution and stop calling for chaos


Minister of internal security Hon. Mohamed Kaahin Ahmed has called on the opposition to desist from inciting the public.

Addressing journalists the minister stated that the opposition parties are part and parcel of the government and should respect the country’s constitution.

The minister stated this to counter the opposition party Wadani former leader Hon. Abdirahman Irro call for the youths to participate in civil disobedience.

He said that it was prudent for the opposition to remember the long and torturous struggle Somaliland had to undergo to regain her independence.

Minister Mohamed Kaahin added that the country cannot afford another civil war that will uproot its people from their homes and businesses.

The Interior Minister added that the government leaders should preach unity instead of sowing discord amongst the population.

He reminded the opposition boss Irro that this nation was liberated by the barrel of a gun and wondered why Irro was asking the youths to take up arms.


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