Information Minister says that Peaceful stability is utmost priority for the nation


Govt praised the national army’s step of cordoning the Eastern border with Somalia

Minister of Information, Culture & Awareness Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore said that the government is ready for the promotion of Islamic teachings and are standing by the nation’s scholars.

Hon. Suleiman, who was speaking at Ibn Khaldoun Peace and Development Convention, where the scholars and politicians of the country made speeches, reminded the community of the importance of security and called on them to join hands to protect it.

Minister Kore said that peace in Somaliland is of great value, and he remembers Hargeisa when it was in ruins, it is important that the history of the country is conveyed to the youth.

“People say that Somaliland worships peace? We do not worship it, but peace in itself is great and of utmost value to us”.

Similarly, Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Kore, who spoke to the media, scoffed at the rhetoric made by the Puntland regional government, and also praised the step Sool regional government and the National Army cordoned the eastern territory of the country.

“The government is not ready to interfere with another border or another government. I will not say anything about the angry words of Puntland admin. But, I confirm that the administration of Sool region and the troops have reached a district in Sool region”.

The government has to go where its people need it wherever in its territory.


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