Illegally imported drones seized at Mogadishu Airport


Somalia’s National Intelligence & Security Agency (NISA) confiscated drones at Mogadishu airport. The six drones were imported from overseas illegally and the intention was to assemble them in Mogadishu. The information adds that it is purchased from Turkey and two Turkish technicians were also arrested who were supposed to assemble the drones in Mogadishu. The two Turkish nationals were released by NISA after Turkish embassy in Mogadishu intervened and demanded their release. Somali lawmaker Mr. Zakarie Mohamed Haji told that the drones which NISA seized belonged to local company dubbed Hufan. The MP further said that the main purpose of the drones was to use for agricultural related activities. The MP said: ” The drone confiscated by NISA agents were imported from Turkey. It belonged to local company, Hufan. The mission of the drones is to combat farming pests, use it for surveillance during farm irrigations and other activities relating to agriculture. The drones were illegally confiscated by NISA operatives. The parliamentarian called on NISA to return back the seized drones to the company which purchased them in order to use for agricultural related purposes.


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